Modern and  Highly Flexible WordPress Theme

Modern and  Highly Flexible WordPress Theme

Enlightenment Theme comes with all standard WordPress functionality, a responsive layout and an large set of features for advanced customization of your website. You can personalize individual templates, build custom landing pages and showcase any type of content. Enlightenment is a super cool wordpress theme made by folks at OneDesigns. you can use it for your business sites, portfolios, normal blogs, or simply for anything!

Our flagship multipurpose theme powered by Enlightenment Framework. With a clean, modernand responsive design backed by a powerful and flexible code base. Showcase any type of content anywhere. Create unlimited layouts. Customize all templates to your preference. Take WordPress as CMS to another level.Enlightenment is a modern and highly flexible free WordPress theme from One Designs.

With Enlightenment Theme you can create advanced and flexible page layouts where you ccan showcase any type of content by using tools that go beyond the WordPress post editor. After we have documented the purpose and usage of the template builder tools it's time to deconstruct a practical example of a custom built landing page.This is undoubtedly one of the best free themes I have seen. With the Enlightenment framework you can easily customize, tweak and speed up your website's development process.