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Site Age

3 Years

Net Profit

$2,500+ p/m


Uniques PageViews
Jan 2018 6,35,624 9,34,163
Dec 2017 3,28,170 6,22,040
Nov 2017 4,76,000 7,71,990
Oct 2017 0 0
Sep 2017 0 0
Aug 2017 0 0
Jul 2017 0 0
Jun 2017 0 0
May 2017 0 0
Apr 2017 0 0
Mar 2017 0 0
Feb 2017 0 0


Revenue Costs Profit
Jan 2018 $9,017 $3,352 $5,665
Dec 2017 $2,856 $1,345 $1,511
Nov 2017 $9,689 $3,738 $5,951
Oct 2017 $10,358 $4,281 $6,077
Sep 2017 $7,084 $3,120 $3,964
Aug 2017 $2,860 $1,060 $1,800
Jul 2017 $8,682 $3,302 $5,380
Jun 2017 $9,859 $3,519 $6,340
May 2017 $11,892 $5,548 $6,344
Apr 2017 $10,797 $4,427 $6,370
Mar 2017 $12,510 $4,404 $8,106
Feb 2017 $3,802 $980 $2,822

Seller's Notes



1. $3,00,000+ in Sales - One Year — From JAN’17 to JAN'18

2. FREE Hosting (one year) Included

3. Catchy Premium Domain ( www.famousebooks.com)

4. 100% outsourced business.

5. 6-8 hours a week to manage the business.

6. No website maintenance is required.

7. Most of the traffic to this website is free. The winner will get my traffic method.

8. I will send you 1500+ eBooks in one ZIP folder, Just you send the eBook to customer email id Once they place the order.

Simple and Straight-Forward Steps To This Business

1. Buyer places a order through the website, and you get paid directly to your PayPal account.

2. You get the order details including customer email id,Just you send eBook to customer email. That’s it. Simple as that. ((I will send you 1500+ eBooks in one ZIP folder, Just you send the eBook to customer email id Once they place the order.))

If you are looking for a simple, unique and 100% outsourced business that makes you $1,0000 - $20,000 / month without much hassle, then you’ve come to right place.

Simple traffic reseller business with great margin

All this is 100% outsourced, so if you don’t know anything about driving targeted traffic, then don’t worry!

You never have to deal with any of the tech aspects of this business.

First, this business is for anyone looking to make an extra $10,000 - $20,000 per month with relative ease.

It’s perfect for beginners because:

● It’s 100% outsourced, you don’t need to learn any new skills.

● You can make $10,000 - $20,000 easily without doing much.

● Since it’s fully outsourced, it takes little time to manage

● It’s relatively easy to scale and make more profit from this business.

On the other hand, if you are someone with experience, this is a also a great opportunity for you because real targeted traffic is in great demand right now. And the industry is headed for massive growth.

How long does it take to manage this business?

This business isn’t my main source of income. I have other ventures, This is why I am sure that anyone with a day job, or a busy life can easily manage this business.

It takes about 1 hr or 2 hrs a day to manage this business, depending on the sales volume.

How much does it cost to outsource this business?

Depends on the package, for example 10,000 visitors costs a flat fee of $12.99.

Where Does The Traffic Come From?

The good news is most of the traffic to this website is free. The winner will get my traffic method.

As far as I can tell, I haven’t come across anyone else use this method. It’s unique, and it works especially well for this market.

Why in the world would you give away such an amazing business?

My main reason for selling this business is because I need money very badly.

If you’re interested in this business, don’t wait! Place your bid now with confidence.

How To Make Even More Money From This Business

1. The easiest and simplest way to make more money with this business is to test out higher prices.

2. Increase traffic. You can easily make more money from this business if you’re willing to spend more time on traffic generation.

3.The method I’ll share with you works really well, all you have to do it is spend a little more time (or hire someone), and you’ll be making a lot more money.

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